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Job & Training Development

Cowlitz Indian Tribe Vocational Rehabilitation Program

The goal of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe Vocational Rehabilitation Program (CITVR) is to provide services to Native Americans and Alaska Natives with disabilities consistent with their individual strengths and abilities. Our clients are provided with informed choice while working to create self-confidence and independence. Our philosophy is centered on a culturally appropriate and holistic approach.

We believe that our clients must be spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally healthy before placing them in an education or training opportunity or employment.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare the individual for sustainable and meaningful employment. Each person is unique and our services are based on each individual and their personal plan for employment.  

Some services we may offer are:

•Guidance & Counseling
•Evaluation & Assessment in many areas including disability, career and workplace
•Job search, Job Readiness, Job Placement and follow-up services
•Education and/or Vocational Training
•Occupational Licenses, tools, equipment and supplies
•Technical Assistance
•Assistive Devices
•Transitions services for Students with Disabilities
•Post-Employment Services

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible?

•You must provide Tribal enrollment with a federally recognized Tribe.
•Live within Cowlitz, Clark or Lewis Counties.
•Have a Physical, Learning, Mental Health, or Substance Abuse disability that creates barriers to employment.
•Be able to benefit from VR services.

What Is A Disability?

Disabilities can be seen or unseen. Disabilities can be physical, mental, or emotional barriers that may impede your ability to work. The following conditions are some that could be considered a disability:

•Anxiety or Depression
•Learning Disabilities
•Mental Health Impairments; PTSD, Bi-polar and others
•Arthritis and Rheumatism
•Drug and/or Alcohol Dependency
•Physical (accident or injury)
•Cardiac or Circulatory

Please contact our CITVR staff who will work with you to determine eligibility.

What Does The Program Provide?

•We assist individuals with job search, job skills, resume writing, individual vocational counseling and guidance. We help with career plans, self-employment, and other employment goals.

•We work with employers, vocational schools, colleges, on-the-job training, job placements, and other agencies/programs.

Contact Information

Our Longview Office is located at:

928 Fir Street
Longview, WA 98632
Ph: (360) 575-3318 
Fax: (360) 577-5690

Our Vancouver office located at:

7700 NE 26th Ave
Vancouver, WA 98665
(360) 397-8228
(360) 397-8251


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