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Tribal Member Services Office Opened!

Spring 2020

Quoted from the 2020 Tribal Newspaper:

The Cowlitz Indian Tribe has established a program to help connect Cowlitz Tribal members with available services. Whether you live in Washington or out-ofstate, we want to hear from you.

This new Tribal Member Services program came out of the Tribe’s Comprehensive Plan: Steps Toward the Future 2019 – 2023. The Comprehensive Plan identified seven goals, the first of which is:
• Goal 1: Provide services to all Cowlitz Members, and,
• Goal 1A: Increase access for all Tribal Members.

A directory of Tribal services is available on Eligibility for services is different depending on the source of funding for each program. Certain programs have restrictions on where the services can be provided. For example, health and medical services can only be provided to Cowlitz Tribal members living within the tencounty Contract Health Service Delivery Area (CHSDA).

However, enrolled Cowlitz members who live outside the CHSDA may be able to receive medical and health services from other tribes in proximity to their residence. Eligibility information for each service is included in the directory.

We are exploring opportunities to provide cultural support and teachings to Cowlitz Tribal members who live a distance from Tribal facilities or who are unable to attend Tribal gatherings. More on the opportunities to extend cultural services via technology will be reported in future newspapers. The Cowlitz Tribal Member Services office is in Pierce County, WA.

All Tribal members are welcome to visit or call the office to talk with our Program Navigator and staff to learn about the range of services offered by Cowlitz, as well as services you may be eligible for through other Tribes or agencies. As a Tribal member, what services are you interested in learning about?

For more information about this new office – Call 1-877-COWLITZ (877-269-5489) or email us.

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