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The mission of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe is to preserve and honor the legacy of our elders and ancestors by empowering a tribal community that promotes our social and economic well- being, secures our aboriginal lands, respects our culture and sovereignty, and fosters justice, freedom, and our mutual welfare.

We the Cowlitz are the forever people, who strive to stay connected to our land, water, and Tamaniwas to achieve a healthy prosperous community for all generations.

In 2018 our Tribe published its first comprehensive plan.  Below is an excerpt from that plan setting forth the goals established by Tribal leadership: These goals inspired the establishment of the Tribal Member Services Program in 2019

Our Goals


Cowlitz Tribal Member Services (CTMS) is here to navigate members to services, programs, and resources available locally and worldwide. Cowlitz Tribal members who contact this branch office will be connected to services by Cowlitz, or through referral to other Tribes or agencies that can provide services for which they are eligible.

  • Organizational guidance to internal programs/services such as:
    • Healthcare (financial aid, medical, mental health, addiction and recovery,)
    • Human services (Indian Child Welfare, family support, sexual assault and domestic violence advocacy)
    • Career & Education Resources
    • Tribal Resources
    • Housing (rent, mortgage, down payment assistance, utility assistance)
    • Elders program (meals and delivery, lending closet, elder trips)
    • Youth program (Youth council, programming)
    • Childcare assistance
    • And more, please call (1.877.269.5489) 1-877-Cowlitz to learn more.
  • External referrals to agencies (local, national, and worldwide) that can provide services to which tribal members are eligible.
  • Enhancing Cowlitz culture by aid and support for gatherings
  • *We will soon establish a presence in Pierce County to provide the following services: 
    • Monthly cultural events for Cowlitz Tribal members (during Covid-19 Virtual events will be held) 
    • Case management services for Cowlitz Tribal members, both walk in and phone calls/internet inquiries


It is our passion to assist Cowlitz tribal members from wherever they are and guide them to any service or resource they need.


 Eligibility Requirements: Enrolled Cowlitz Member and limited household members.




First Cultural Instructional Tutorial Beaded Necklace with Patty Kinswa-Gaiser

Tribal Elder Patty Kinswa-Gaiser will be demonstrating a beaded necklace project. Contact Tribal Member Services staff to request your necklace kit which will be mailed to you


We want your photos 

Stay tuned for the next cultural tutorial with Cowlitz Tribal member Rhonda Grantham who will teach us about traditional medicinal tea – more information to follow!

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