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Cowlitz Tribal Court

The Cowlitz Tribal Court hears civil and criminal matters that fall within the court’s jurisdiction and is staffed by a Judge and a Tribal Court Administrator. Court is held the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, unless a holiday. Court has the discretion to convene on alternate or additional days depending on the circumstance. The tribal court provides due process and equal protection under the law and strives to effectively and fairly administer justice to all.

The court handles civil, criminal matters for tribal members, and civil infractions for nontribal members. Its work supports the growth of a healthy and culturally vibrant community by administering judicial excellence to all parties.

Types of cases heard by the court:

  • Civil: The court hears a variety of civil complaints as outlined in the civil code established by the Cowlitz Tribal Council. 
  • Criminal: The court hears criminal complaints filed by the Cowlitz Tribal Court’s Prosecutor’s Office against tribal members.
  • Traffic citations/infractions: Contested or mitigating circumstances regarding traffic citations/infractions issued by the Cowlitz Tribal Police Department for tribal members and non-tribal alike are heard by the court

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