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Warriors Program

Social Services
Cowlitz Warriors Program



Our Cowlitz Warriors have honorably served our People, Tribe, Ancestral Lands, and Country. It is the duty of the Cowlitz Warriors Program to Serve, Honor and “Welcome Home” our Warriors.  Ourprogram serves CowlitzVeterans and those actively serving in the US Armed Forces, no matter where they are in the world. It is our mission toassist them to attain Wholeness and Wellness in Mind, Body, Emotion, and Spiritas they return home from their Journeys of Service.

As most Veterans know, the Department ofVeterans Affair has many different qualifications. It is best to contact your local Veteran Service Officer (VSO) or Tribal Veterans Service Officer (TVSO).

Services & Programs:

  • Assistance filing claims with the VA
  • Transportation to/from VA Appointments
  • Advocacy/Representation at VA Appointments, if needed
  • Color/Honor Guard
  • Warriors Committee
  • Veteran Talking Circles 
  • Veteran Drum Group
  • Veteran Music/Art Therapy
  • Veteran Horse Therapy
Have questions about the program?

Enrolled Cowlitz,(in some cases, married to enrolled Cowlitz)

Actively Serving or Veteran of U.S. Armed Forces

Our Locations
DuPont Office
1000 Davis Place, DuPont, WA 98327
Phone: (360) 946-2423
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm
Contact Information:


The legacy of an ancient people in southwest Washington is rich with descendants who manage a growing portfolio of health, education, scientific research, housing, transportation, development, elder care, conservation and legal issues. The Cowlitz Tribe is a growing force in community building in what are now Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis and parts of Pierce, Skamania and Wahkiakum Counties, a vast territory occupied by numerous Cowlitz villages prior to non-Cowlitz exploration and seizure. Today, an elected Tribal Council is composed of professionals adept at managing multiple programs and projects.