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Portland, Oregon 97232
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Job Announcement

Job Title:                 Administrative Assistant
Department:            Fishery Science
Classification:         Non-Exempt, CRITFC equivalent of GS 7/GS 8 @ 97.5%
Salary:                      $40,673 - $52,870
                                    $45,044 - $58,561
Open/Close:             5/22/2017 – 06/30/2017
Location:                  Portland, OR

Job Summary/Primary Responsibility:           

The Fishery Science Department (FSCI) includes over 40 staff members, over 20 projects/cost centers, $7M in funding, the StreamNet Library, the Hagerman Genetics Lab, Moscow Field Office, La Grande Field Station, Troutdale Storage Unit, Moscow Storage Unit, on-site dry lab, off-site wet lab, three boats, 9 project vehicles and three travel trailers.  Additionally, there are many fixed assets that have been procured: scientific research lab and field equipment, guns, servers and sensitive equipment. 

The FSCI Administrative Assistant is responsible for tracking department budgets and expenditures and provides management support to the Department Manager and Project Leaders within the FSCI Department. The Administrative Assistant assists FSCI staff to understand and comply with CRITFC financial and operational policies. A large part of each day is spent ensuring smooth information flow (e.g. troubleshooting, problem solving and offering administrative guidance to department staff). The FSCI Administrative Assistant also provides back-up support to other departments when needed. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Tracking FSCI cost-centers
  • Serving as the control point for purchases, travel requests, ingoing/outgoing mail
  • Tracking staff schedules
  • Scheduling meetings and taking detailed notes as needed
  • Other support services as required by the FSCI Manager

Essential Job Functions:

Serve as control point for the efficient processing of routine departmental paperwork. Capture and maintain copies of these records in order to ensure accessibility to Department and Project managers. Develop, maintain and continuously improve departmental records management system.

  • Track FSCI Department budgets, producing monthly budget status reports, including staff time and expenditures, to project leaders and the FSCI Department Manager.
  • Maintain department files for each project and cost center. These shall include but not be limited to: chronological files, contract files and internal memoranda. 
  • Provide general support services for department staff including, but not limited to word processing, copying, faxing, data entry and mailing. 
  • Process confidential departmental documents securely and efficiently to insure absolute confidentiality. Maintain secure record management systems for performance evaluations and personnel action documents. Serve as the primary contact regarding contracts and billings between immigration attorneys and CRITFC in matters concerning the immigration or permanent resident status of Department employees, as necessary. 
  • Insure that items of monetary value are stored in an appropriate secure fashion. 
  • Assist scientists to plan, schedule, and conduct occasional technical workshops in their subject specialties. 
  • Provide administrative support to the Commission and other departments as needed and as primary duties permit. These activities include but are not limited to: Commission Meetings; Front Desk coverage; CRITFC hosted conferences; employee morale events; and back-up to Administrative staff. 
  • Other duties as occasionally assigned by the FSCI Manager.

Required Qualifications:

  • Excellent organizational ability. Must be highly motivated and detail oriented. Accuracy and attention to detail are critical. 
  • Experience with budgeting and fiscal procedures, including purchasing. 
  • High proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Access or other database software. An Excel proficiency test will be given during interviews. 
  • Must be able to prioritize activities and schedule his/her time effectively to meet schedules and deadlines. 
  • Dependable work habits including regular attendance, and punctuality in all matters concerning work and work assignments. 
  • Good inter-personal skills to work effectively in team situations. 
  • Education or training beyond high school in biology, computer science, or another field applicable to activities of the Fishery Science Department. 

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience with fiscal and management reporting and analysis, which includes reporting tools, statistical analysis and forecasting responsibilities. 
  • Ability to conduct budget and work flow analyses including: database creation, maintenance and operation, process analysis, streamlining processes, gaining efficiency, continuous improvement. 
  • Compile financial data from internal and external databases for multiple projects and create annual and multi-year projections of spending and budget status.

Supervision Received: 

This position reports to the Fishery Science Department Manager.

Supervision Given:           

The Administrative Program Analyst may occasionally train and supervise temporary assistants.

Physical Working Conditions:   

Work is primarily performed in an indoor office setting with extended periods at a computer.  Physical effort is needed to move, lift and carry office equipment, supplies, files and materials.  Basic communication skills such as talking, seeing and hearing are needed for frequent person-to-person contacts and telephone usage.  The nature of the work has frequent interruptions; contact with the public and staff requires strong communication skills.  Employee may occasionally be required to work beyond normal working hours and to travel offsite, including overnight travel. 

CRITFC Motor Vehicle Policy:

The driver operating a CRITFC vehicle or their own private vehicle for business related purposes shall be in possession of a valid, unrestricted current driver’s license, or other operator’s license, as required by law; and be eligible for coverage under CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle insurance policy.  Upon request, CRITFC’s Motor Vehicle policy is available to applicants to review the required criteria.

Date Revised:  May 17, 2017 

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