Stand Up and Be Counted!

Cowlitz Tribal Census...Continues!

This census is continuing but the prize drawing has been completed!.  Click to see to access webpage for information, to access the online census or see how to get a paper copy sent to you.  If you've already filled yours out, check to see if you were a winner!

The Cowlitz Indian Tribal Census



ü  Please complete the Tribal Census Online  (click any red text) or request a mailed paper questionnaire

ü  The Cowlitz Indian Tribe is conducting our own Tribal Census and the Census Data Team needs your help. We need tribal citizens to update their contact information (emails, phone numbers, and addresses) with the Enrollment Office. We want to encourage you to respond to the Cowlitz Indian Tribal Census online because that will help save the tribe time and money. Updating your contact information will also help us understand the best way to contact you so we can engage you in the planning process.

Completing the Tribal Census should take an average of 45 minutes to an hour, but may take longer depending on how many people live with you. The head of household should complete the forms and they may need to have certain information on hand:

  1.  enrollment numbers of all Cowlitz Indians in the household,
  2. information about income of any sort for everyone over age 15, and
  3. documents related to common household expenses.

There are many other questions on the Census but those should be easily answered with basic knowledge.

After the Tribal Census data has been collected and analyzed, we may conduct some follow-up surveys to determine specific priorities and to better address tribal member needs. Data from the different sections of the Tribal Census will be used to design programs to serve the needs of Cowlitz people.

Just like with the U.S. Census, your responses will be confidential and the data used for planning will not identify people personally. The census will provide many facts essential to your tribal government for policy-making, planning and administration. It will also result in a database for future follow-up surveys about tribal needs and priorities. Should you have any questions, please contact the Tribal Planner Christine Myers via email or call her at (360) 353-9527. 

 Census Raffle Winners