Sergeant - Cowlitz Tribal Department of Public Safety



Sergeant Cowlitz Tribal Department of Public Safety


Title: Sergeant Cowlitz Tribal Department of Public Safety
Schedule: Sunday through Saturday
Hours: Variable
Location: Cowlitz Indian Reservation - Ridgefield, WA
Classification: Full time
Opening Date: November 1, 2017
Salary Range: $70K to $85K
Closing Date: December 1, 2017 or until filled

Position Summary:

The Cowlitz Tribal Department of Public Safety Police Supervisor (Sergeant), serves as acting Director in absence of Director, is the first line supervisor for patrol operations, under direction of the Director, plans, directs, supervises, assigns, reviews and participates in the work of law enforcement, patrol, traffic, tribal-community relations, investigations, crime prevention, special projects and coordination and assisting other tribal, federal, state, county, and city departments. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Plans, prioritize, assign, supervise and reviews work of Department Law
  2. Serves as first line supervisor-sergeant for patrol shifts, conducts briefings, assigns law enforcement work activities, and reviews and approves written reports.
  3. Coordinates with other law enforcement agencies, fire department and federal agencies for law enforcement activities on Tribal Lands and businesses.
  4. Serve arrest and search warrants, summons, subpoenas, traffic citations, civil processes, and as bailiff when tribal court is in session.
  5. Responded to calls for law enforcement service, traffic accidents, crimes in progress, emergency aid, back up for other officers, agencies, and security staff-Tribal Gaming Staff at the tribal casino.
  6. Conduct criminal, traffic, and civil investigations for crimes in progress and in-depth investigations of crimes effecting tribal operations, casino operations, and other crimes or activities committed against the Cowlitz Tribe and business on the reservation.
  7. Trains and evaluates public safety officers and staff, and serves as Field Training Officer for Department of Public Safety.
  8. Protects crime scenes, conducts crime scene searches, gathers-collects-safe guards evidence, following guidelines contained in policies and law.
  9. May be assigned internal investigations, complaints against officers and staff or other internal personal investigations assigned by the Cowlitz Tribe.
  10. Develops and provides tribal community safety classes, public relations courses and safety classes for employees of Cowlitz Tribal Programs.
  11. Traffic Safety Patrols, DUI patrol and enforcement, accident investigations, parking lot patrol of tribal business and casino, and ensures towing regulations of tribe are followed.
  12. Follows all directives, laws ordinances of the tribe, federal laws and state laws, policies and procedures of the Cowlitz Tribal Department of Public Safety, and ensures staff compliance.
  13. Testifies in Tribal, State, Federal courts in response to subpoena and summons.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  1. Current practices, principles, and procedures of law enforcement and criminal investigations.
  2. Modern methods and techniques used in prevention, investigation, suppression of crime and security of tribal lands, businesses, and casino’s.
  3. Understands tribal rights, jurisdictional issues unique to reservations, the Indian Civil Rights Act, US Constitutional Rights and Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 25, Revised Codes of Washington title 9, 9A, 46 and Indian Crimes Act 18 USC 1153.
  4. Demonstrated ability to qualify with rifle, pistol, and shotgun on FLETEC qualification courses.
  5. Ability to organize and supervise the work of subordinates, monitor work schedules, and evaluate progress of officers and staff.
  6. Demonstrated ability to write police reports, investigative reports, search warrants, and obtaining both written and oral statements.
  7. Ability to work effectively, cooperatively, and fairly with tribal members, officers, staff, and tribal programs and projects.
  8. Effectively build positive moral within department, effective partnerships with agencies and tribal departments and casino security, tribal gaming and surveillance.

Education and Experience:

  1. Have graduated from the US Indian Police Academy, Federal Law Enforcement Academy or Washington State Police Academy.
  2. Have certification-graduation from Supervision, Management or Executive Management course or combinations thereof.
  3. Five (5) years as commissioned Federal, State, County, City, or Tribal Law Enforcement Officer and at least two (2) additional years of investigative experience.
  4. High School Graduate or General Education Degree required.


  1. A successful criminal background check free of felony arrest or convictions, no misdemeanor convictions of violence or domestic violence or drug or alcohol related offenses, and pass polygraph and psychological examination.
  2. Have certification or receive for CPR and First Aid within first year of employment.
  3. Must reside within thirty (30) minutes of Cowlitz Reservation.
  4. Competent computer skills, which include word processing, software used by Department, ACCESS, WACIC, and DMV.
  5. Drug testing and Random Drug Testing with or without cause.
  6. Be physically fit for age and weight with ability to lift eighty percent (80) of body weight.
  7. Must be US Citizen, at least twenty-one (21) years of age, with a valid Washington Driver’s License.
  8. Must be willing to travel within state and out of state as required.
  9. Represent Department in Emergency Management and Responses.

The Cowlitz Indian Tribe is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and a Drug & Alcohol-Free workplace.

Except as provided by Title 25 CFR, Section 472 which allows for Indian preference in hiring, the Cowlitz Indian Tribe does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, physical handicap, marital status, politics, or membership or non-membership in an employee organization.

Please mail resume to:
Human Resources Department
Cowlitz Indian Tribe
P.O. Box 2547
Longview, WA 98632